The Ward Party (and Ward Band)… The best Party Every!!!

You Know, Ward Parties can be a lot of fun. At my ward we recently had a ward party that was one of the best ever. At least that is what the members were telling us. It was a variety show, and yes, we had a variety of acts. See the acts on YouTube by Clicking Here.

I was able to be in one of the acts. We put together what we called “the Ward Band”. (the band included the old bishop (Rich Corbridge – keyboard), the new bishop (Derick Woolf – singer), a stake high counselor (Adam Anderegg the Leader of the Band – singer), the elders quorum president (Scott McClain – guitar), an elders quorum counselor (David Gibb- base guitar with a wig), and a BYU professor of Ancient Scripture (Stan Johnson – drums) who is also on the church correlation committee. What can I say, it was fun!

We played a spoof on the Beach Boys song I Get Around. There is a version that the group Inside Out does where they name the songs My Head is Round (to make it about a snowman). Well Adam Anderegg made words for the entire song and we played it. Anyhow, here is a video of us playing it, I’m the guitarist on the far left with the black and white guitar. I’m also the one you can hear playing the guitar solos.

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