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Voices Kenneth Cope - Voices
Greater Than Us All Kenneth Cope - Greater Than Us All
My Servant Joseph Kenneth Cope - My Servant Joseph - 200th Anniversary
Women at the Well Kenneth Cope - Women At the Well
Eden’s Garden Kenneth Cope - Stories from Eden's Garden
A Prayer unto Thee Kenneth Cope - A Prayer Unto Thee
Hear My Praise Kenneth Cope - Hear My Praise
Face to Face Kenneth Cope - Face to Face - Kenneth Cope Collection
All About You Kenneth Cope - All About You

About KennethKenneth began his singing/songwriting career by recording the 1986 Especially For Youth (EFY) theme song and went on to compose numerous songs for seven albums produced for the EFY Program.

His first solo album, Heaven—Don’t Miss It For The World (1987), was followed by the best-selling and critically acclaimed thematic album: Greater Than Us All (1989). Songs like “His Hands” and “Never a Better Hero” have become classics. In 1991, Kenneth released another solo album titled Voices, which was followed by two additional thematic albums: My Servant Joseph (1993) and Women at the Well (1995). Then came three more solo albums: Stories from Eden’s Garden (1998), A Prayer unto Thee (1999) and Hear My Praise (2002).

Kenneth took a break from releasing solo albums to mentor and produce new artist, Mindy Gledhill and her debut album, The Sum of All Grace. He also ventured into the world of film scoring by writing and producing an original score for Joseph Smith, The Seer, an interactive CD-ROM that explores and examines the life of the prophet. In 2005 he released Face to Face, the Kenneth Cope Collection.
Currently, he is creating a musical for the stage about the life of Christ, titled Son of Man.

Recognizing Kenneth’s achievements, the Faith Centered Music Association (FCMA) has awarded him numerous PEARL Awards over the years including Male Vocalist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Album of the Year. As well, Stories from Eden’s Garden earned Kenneth an Indie nomination for Contemporary Christian Album of the Year from the Association for Independent Music.

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