Kurt Bestor

Official Website: www.kurtbestor.com/

Innovators Kurt Bestor & Sam Cardon - Innovators
Innovators II Kurt Bestor & Sam Cardon - Innovators II - Keepers of the Flame
Sketches Kurt Bestor - Sketches
Seasons Kurt Bestor - Seasons
The Dance Kurt Bestor - The Dance
The Ten Virgins Kurt Bestor - Ten Virgins
Music for a Sunday Kurt Bestor - Music for a Sunday Afternoon
Music for a Sunday 2 Kurt Bestor - Music for a Sunday Afternoon, Vol. 2

About Kurt
For more than a three decades, Kurt Bestor’s film scores, television themes, compositions and carols have provided an indelible soundtrack of American life. Indeed, much of Bestor’s own life has been dedicated to creating musical parallels to visual images.

Perhaps best known for his innovative interpretation of seasonal carols found in his popular 5-CD boxed set “The Complete Kurt Bestor Christmas,” the Utah based composer and performer launched his career writing music for television and movies. His credits include more than 40 film scores and more than 40 themes for national TV programs and commercials. It is Bestor’s music that has introduced NFL Monday Night Football, and National Geographic Explorer; he scored TBS’s Wild! Life Adventures and the IMAX film “The Great American West.” He also was given the Outstanding Film Score Award at the New York Film and Television Festival for his music for PBS’s “A More Perfect Union.” Bestor was warded an Emmy® for his collaboration with Sam Cardon on the original music for ABC’s coverage of the 1988 Winter Olympics.

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