Mindy Gledhill

Official Website: www.mindygledhill.com/

Sum of All Grace Mindy Gledhill - The Sum of All Grace
Feather in the Wind Mindy Gledhill - Feather In the Wind

About Mindy
Breaking out into pop-culture, Mindy’s music evokes a wide-range of emotions and allows listeners to establish a complete connection with an upbeat, energetic and almost nostalgic montage.

Mostly inspired by her experiences as an artist, mother and student, Feather in the Wind bridges the gap between inspirational and rock. Mindy feels that this album truly reaches the hopes of people who are struggling with life’s charades. Mindy’s unique voice and upbeat tempos with drums, guitar, piano and a variety of other instruments generates music that is meaningful; whether the music is feel-good fun, or more sensitive and genuine.

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