My CTR Ring to Change its Name

Of course, every business or internet site has to have a great name. I thought since much of my clipart and activities were related to primary aged children, that My CTR Ring was a great name.

One day I was talking to a friend and they informed me that the CTR in a shield was copyrighted by the church. I had been previously unaware of this (I assume many people are unaware of this); so, I took the liberty to contact the church’s intellectual properties department and just verify for myself.

Sure enought, I found out that the terms CTR and LDS as well as anything related to official use by the church are copyrighted. In addition to that, the CTR in a shield is copyrighted and only permisable for use with finger jewelry (manufacturers must also pay a royalty). I asked permission to continue use of the CTR in a shield on both of my sites and a request I was cordially denied.

The representitive at the intellectual properties department was very responsive to my request but was bound within the guidelines established by the church. She expressed that there are so many people using term and symbols like the CTR in a shield which are trademarked by the church, especially on the internet, that it is impossible to police everyone and stop the use of these items. She expressed gratitude for those who take the time to check before using them.

It wasn’t a very hard decision for me to decide to stop using the CTR in a shield for my logo and name. The only problem has been coming up with a new name. I have a few ideas and a few they have given me permission to use, however, I figured the easiest thing would be to just make the change in January of 2010. That will give me enough time to come up with new names and redesign the sites.

Anyhow, I figured this info was good for other people to have should they find themselves in the same perdicament. Embarrassing as it may be to have not done my research in the first place.

If any of you have questions related to copyrights trademarks and/or appropriate use of the terms used by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or other officail materials. Contact:
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Intellectual Property Office
Website Info at

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