My CTR Ring has Clip Art, Pictures, Activities and more that are free for you to use, and may be copied for incidental, non-commercial, home or church use. My CTR Ring would love to continue providing these items for free to the general public but can only do so if the users of the products adhere to some simple rules.

1) If anything created by My CTR Ring, pzign, or C. Michael Priddis are used for resale or commercial products or media the user will be held to standard copyright licensing and distribution laws. For permission or more information, contact My CTR Ring Click Here

2) Images found on My CTR Ring, www.myctrring.com are prohibited from being compiled in any CD Roms, or distributed products or libraries.

3) My CTR Ring would like to be recognized for any items taken and used to create other products. It’s simple; there are a few things you could do. You could add a tag in the description or on the graphic itself that says it was taken from www.myctrring.com, or My CTR Ring.

4) If you have your own website that hosts FREE LDS Clip Art and you are interested in having the graphics created by My CTR Ring on your site. Each graphic you host must include two things. 1) The name My CTR Ring 2) a link to www.myctrring.com My CTR Ring sets a limit of 10 images that may be cataloged per site.

5) Images found on My CTR Ring, www.myctrring.com may not be used in conjunction with any materials that are racist, hateful, pornographic, or anti-Mormon in any way.

6) If you desire to have any images found on My CTR Ring, www.myctrring.com professionally printed, please contact My CTR Ring prior to doing so to ensure you are within the Terms of Use. To Contact My CTR Ring Click Here By contacting My CTR Ring you may be able to aquire a high resolution, ai, eps, or other necessary file.

My CTR Ring would appreciate knowing if you are cataloging its graphics, so we are aware and not surprised to see our graphics in other places. To contact My CTR Ring Click Here

Enjoy My CTR Ring.